Movie / Watermill

【Comparison Experiment between Conventional Propeller & Bellsion Propeller】
Conventional propeller is pushed to the right and is pulled to the left, and the direction of rotation changes when the direction of force changes.
Also, the propeller moves according to the distance moved.
Bellsion's blade is pushed to the right and is pulled to the right also, and it rotates faster and longer than the distance moved.
【Experiment to Prove Not to Make Turbulence】
Ink is let flow in front of the watermill while the watermill rotates at high speed in water at a speed of 1.2m.
The ink is passing through the watermill rotating at high speed as it is.
The flow after the watermill is not making turbulence.
【Watermill that Turns Faster Than the Flow of Water】
Conventional watermill is pushed by water, but this Bellsion watermill rotates faster than the flow of water.
Since the rotation number increases, the gear ratio can be less, which increases efficiency.
【Watermill Comparison Experiment (pictured from the side)】
←Conventional propeller / Bellsion type propeller→
Conventional propeller has a big force and becomes less efficient as the water level drops.
Bellsion's does not lose rotation even when the water level drops, and it has a lot of flows.
【Watermill Comparison Experiment (pictured from the top)】
←Bellsion type propeller / Conventional propeller→
In the case of conventional watermill, the flow spreads outwards because its wake flow slows down.
In the case of Bellsion's, the outside current is pulled inwards.
【Output Comparison(Bellsion type propeller power generation)】
Conventional propeller loses power when the water level drops because its rotation becomes less.
Bellsion's output is from 10.8kw to 11kw, but conventional propeller's output is 6.4kw at maximum.

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