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We made the book about the results of past experiments.


Our company has been studying windmills for 21 years by ourselves.
Pursuing the truth through experiments, finally completed the world's first windmill that exceeds common knowledge.

At the beginning, we repeatedly tried to make a windmill that would not break, but the more we experimented, the more dangerous the windmill was.

At first, we gradually increased the strength of the windmill from the point where it broke, and gradually built it into an unbreakable windmill. There was no problem in normal operation so we were overjoyed that this was completed. However, due to a gust of wind, the control could not catch up, the generator was burnt, the brakes were red, we could not stop it. Consequently we couldn't help myself and do anything but watching, so the only thing that we could do was praying as "Fly away, my wings, immediately.".

If the wings were blown away, the windmill would stop, but it would continue to rotate until they were blown away. When it stoped because they were blown away, it was destroyed and no parts could be reused. What we realized at that time was that there was nothing not to be indestructible, and it depended on how much it was indestructible, and on that it would be definately destroyed when the conditions for indestructibility were exceeded.

After that, what we have thought was not to make something that would not break, but to be safe even if it did break and in the unlikely event that it became uncontrollable, when the wings were broken, the other devices would not be broken, and on the other hand, the stronger wings would cause the next disaster when they were blown away, therefore the really safe was to minimize the secondary disaster even if it broke. Conventionally, it has been very difficult to make something light and strong. Very expensive materials such as carbon fiber and aramid fiber, etc. are required so if making it light, the cost would increase and if making by the metal, the metal fatigue could occur, and if using heavier material, the output and safety would drop all of which were contradictory conditions.

After that, we have pursued a wing that breaks safely, searched for a light material. When we have tried to use a light styrofoam that would be safe even if it broke, we could have significantly increased the number of revolutions compared to the wing that was made sturdy. A sturdily made wing has become heavy and caused centrifugal force destruction at low revolutions. A light wing has been much more efficient on output However, there were drawbacks, such as a styrofoam was broken into pieces and the weight of the wings was changed due to the absorption of moisture, so we have repeated trial and error to eliminate these drawbacks.

New Bellsion was able to solve these problems. The output was 1.5 times as much as that of our previous wing. In the case of our previous hybrid street lights, the output of windmill was inferior to that of solar power, but New Bellsion was significantly superior to solar power generation. We could have obtained various output in shapes.

※Patent No. 6469303 / No. 6426869 / No. 6449509 acquired
※Design registration certificate No. 1624666 acquired

November 22, 2022【Published in Shizuoka Newspaper】
October 26, 2022【Published in Chunichi Newspaper】
Introduced on "@DIME Magazine" on September 28, 2021
【Part1】「I want to prove that the capability is more than double than that of conventional windmill」
【Part2】「This blade has a potential to cause an energy revolution」
Introduced 【N Stadium TV program】 of TBS broadcasted on May 3, 2021
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